Red Hill Books

30 Apr

F.S. Rosa and David Duckworth at Red Hill Books, San Francisco, April 18, 2012. Photograph by Renshin Bunce.

It was an honor to share an evening with F.S. Rosa.  We presented on various aspects of labor history, Rosa reading from Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, “Big Bill” Haywood, and her own book, The Divine Comedy of Carlo Tresca, in a talk about the textile workers’ strike, known today as Bread and Roses, in Lawrence, Massachusetts of 1912.  Tresca was an Industrial Workers of the World labor organizer at the time of the strike.  I read from two posts here at the blog on labor history and the occupation of space.  Our audience was attentive and contributed greatly to the overall discussion, the best possible result for such an event.  I was not allowed, though, to occupy the bunny chair, normally reserved for small readers.

F.S. Rosa’s reading material at Red Hill Books. Photograph by Renshin Bunce.

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