The Four Horse Turds of the Mail-in Ballot Apocalypse

3 Jun


They do not want you to vote: Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Ronna McDaniel and Kayleigh McEnany.  They have all publicly spoken against expanded nationwide mail-in balloting.  Conway, in particular, wants you to embrace your enthusiasm for standing in line to vote, like those who stand in line for an hour waiting for a Washington, D.C.-served Georgetown Cupcake, and not be denied, even if the rest of us are concerned about COVID-19 this November.

Republican National Committee Chair McDaniel has gone further and sued the State of California for expanding mail-in balloting to all eligible voters in California, claiming voter fraud.  McEnany, the mouthpiece, is simply reiterating the orange blob’s attacks on mail-in voting.  Her master also rails against the post office, funny enough.  Hmmm.  Is there a connection there?

If we could believe there were a principled position here it would be hard to find.  McEnany has voted by mail 11 times in the past 10 years; McDaniel has voted absentee for years; Conway by mail for the 2018 midterm; the orange in the primary election in March, even though he was present in the county at least two days by which he could have voted in person.

No, they all are determined that you risk disease rather than safely vote by a method your state would choose to safeguard your health.

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