Parking For Hells Angels Only

18 Jun


I grew up watching bikers on television.  Motorcycles were popular where I grew up in Southern California.  And then Altamont happened and I realized the romantic notion of freedom on a bike on the highways was all a sham.

The lore about the motorcycle and freedom must be vast.  I found a snippet of that lore:

“Fear despair, spoken by other legends
The apocalyptic hell riders
Screaming the song of evil
Flying against the lands
Under a full moon spells
Making to ring the bells
The bells of judgment day
They are the riders of…”

Proprietary space in San Francisco.

Riders From Hell [Special Hells Angel Version] from Hell & Heaven by GOD The Barbarian Horde. This “slightly different version of the song Riders Of Hell & Heaven” includes the sound effects of Harley Davidson motors according to the Digital Track Download Streaming page found at:
Music: Eugen ‘Gelu’ Lăpușneanu & Constantin ‘Costel Castor’ Lăpușneanu. Lyrics: Constantin ‘Costel Castor’ Lăpușneanu.


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