New NoFundMe Campaign: No Weep for Wallsuckas

23 Aug

Dear Friend,

This must have been devastating news for you.  Individuals claiming to be friends of the President used their alleged position to falsely proclaim, We Build the Wall.  I know how important that wall is to you.  Our mission is not over.  We will build that wall.  We only need four more years and it is done!

And selling donors’ data!  Brian Kolfage, Andrew Badolato and  Timothy Shea will go down in infamy.  Steve Bannon, perhaps too soon to tell.  Who knows, he pleaded not guilty in Federal court on Thursday.  He gave us Breitbart!  Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.  And if you think being arrested on the yacht of a Chinese billionaire causes concern, know that the owner of such luxury is an exiled Chinese billionaire.  An important difference.  Guo Wengui made his money in real estate and securities.  For that alone he could only be a friend of Trump and Bannon.  Forget the reports that suggest Guo may not have been what he claims, an activist against the Chinese government, he is here now living life on a yacht.  Glory be!  God forgives all sinners!

The important work has just begun.  Many of these donors to We Build the Wall truly believe in the Make America Great Again vision.  They know separating children from parents at the border is the right thing to do.  They know preventing Muslim immigrants from entering the country is the right thing to do.  We must honor their efforts to uphold this vision.

Therefore, I ask that you donate to a mercy fund reimbursing them for the incredible loss that Kolfage & Co inflicted upon them.  Will they have an income under the Democratic-inflicted false pandemic?  Under executive order, President Trump promises a $300 weekly unemployment benefits extension through the Lost Wages Assistance program.  It could even be $400 weekly if states contribute 25 percent additionally (we have suggestions to counter claims of being cash strapped).  And forget the House of Representatives’ sponsored Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act, or HEROES Act.  These poor fleeced idealists need relief but $600 weekly?  Besides, the act is yet another attempt by Democrats to program the minds of the American population and put a pedophile in every household.

Our brave wall donors face other risks.  They could lose their home.  The eviction moratorium expired at the end of July.  Yes, the evil HEROES Act included an extension of an eviction moratorium.  But, as Guo would probably affirm, landlords must make a living too.  Forget the jump in eviction case filings in places like Duval County, Florida.  The burden is upon the tenant, as it should be.  So think about our wall donors.  Would you want to see them homeless?!

We cannot see these bravehearts jobless and homeless.  We need them for the good fight ahead.  As gun-rights advocate Lauren Boebart admonishes us, America is “getting stronger and better.”  And all because of Q!  We need these people secure in their lives so that they can renew four more years of Greatness at the ballot box!

So give generously here to ensure that the lives of the bravest people on earth are restored.

Kris Goback, Lawyer and Controlling Interest in No Weep for Wallsuckas.  Note: there are no disclosures necessary here: we know we are on a mission!


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