Perry Foellor

3 Dec
All works marker on cardboard.

Over the past winter I would see Perry seated outside a Peet’s Coffee at Montgomery and Bush Streets, sometimes on a carton, sometimes not. His work was spread out at his feet as he worked on his latest drawing.

He was a quiet man who relied on a hand lettered cardboard sign to explain his business. When I first asked him how much he wanted for a drawing he told me whatever I could give him. I gave him twenty dollars for the first drawing and he seemed shocked at the amount being so high.

This last drawing contains the movement of Henri Matisse’s Dance of 1910. Beyond that lyrical structure there are figures here that push and pull. The tension is of a coiled intensity. We are inextricably bound to each other, it asserts.

I could tell when he was doing slightly better because he would have a new supply of markers. I have not seen him since shelter-in-place policies began in early March. I assume his business has dried up.

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