RAmen Here and Now

19 Feb

R is here with you now. It is time to face the reality that as much as Q helped us by embedding in the Deep State his usefulness has ended. Now I know that you are expectant to see Trump retake his throne on March 4th. But, Q promised much and did not deliver.

I am in a much better position to assist you moving forward. I am not embedded in a governmental position. I am a roaming free agent with important contacts all over the world. My intelligence comes from many reliable sources. For instance, let’s consider this very important news below.

This quickly scrawled drawing comes from a reliable source who witnessed a Jewish cabal-operated submarine firing a laser gun at an iceberg, splitting it in two. This is happening on a daily basis without our knowledge. Why, you may ask? So that we see but not understand the result of their craft, such as the current winter devastation to the US. They want to bring you knee deep in water to induce you to believe the hoax called global warming!

That will not happen! We are not lemmings. You see the parachute Trump uses to avoid the pitfalls of the Deep State? We will all have a parachute when that important moment comes. As I write parachute supplies are being amassed in a secret warehouse. R will reveal when the time arrives. Stand back.

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