Trellis Adorned

16 May

On January 6, 2021, I posted an image of a trellis that I had built at Hayes Valley Art Works. I was hoping to secure a cutting of jasmine for the structure. Following the advice of a friend, I visited an abandoned community garden at Mission Creek to find the jasmine vine. I love to scavenge and do so with purpose. We are a society of waste. The trellis was made from the slats of an abandoned futon frame. I repurpose. I found the vine without flower and was able to uproot a portion from the base of the fence surrounding the locked area. As it turned out, and to my ignorance, this was a morning glory vine. I am happy with the result.

Working on projects like this teaches me that I am not in control of nature. Nature follows its own prerogatives. The lopsided effect here is a result of the vine seeking the sun. The vine not only seeks sun but also space. It is not content to be confined to futon frame slats. It seeks comfort in anything it can grab onto. How human.

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