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Let the Games Begin

15 Jun


I now think of Trump’s upcoming rally and subsequent events as blood sport on two levels.  The June 20th event is scheduled to take place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a site specifically chosen by the Trump campaign for its racial past.  One of the most horrific racial attacks by white vigilantes against African Americans occurred in the city’s black district of Greenwood on May 31 and June 1, 1921.  The rampaging massacre of black citizens by white citizens and the burning of most of the Greenwood district stands out as particularly relevant to today’s unrest across the nation.  Trump’s response to protest, as we saw on June 1st at Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C., where peaceful protestors were attacked by Park Police and other forces, under the direction of Attorney General William Barr, using chemical gas, rubber pellets or bullets and flash-bang shells, along with healthy doses of baton wielding and pushing, was to “dominate,” as he proclaimed at a podium minutes before.  The day before this intentional attack by law enforcement against peaceful protest Trump tweeted an exhortation to use the National Guard against all protest.  There is a long echo of the tragic events in Greenwood where units of the Oklahoma National Guard were called in to arrest all African Americans.  The burning of Greenwood property was assisted by agents of the government.

Trump continues to pump violent rhetoric into a national situation where earnest protest addresses an already violent policing system, the protest spurred by the murder of African American George Floyd by white police officer Derek Chauvin on May 25th.  And this will be Trump’s law-and-order platform until the November election.  Unless he can conjur a miracle drug to combat COVID-19 that does not involve bleaching the lungs, law and order is the only card he can use to promote his re-election as he has failed at everything else.

But there are other ways and other victims from which Trump expects to draw blood.  The people who attend the Tulsa rally will agree to a waiver from harm in order to purchase a ticket to the event.  It reads as follows:

“By clicking register below, you are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. By attending the Rally, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and agree not to hold Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.; BOK Center; ASM Global; or any of their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers liable for any illness or injury.”

Never mind that daily increases in COVID-19 infections have reached a higher level in recent days for Oklahoma and Tulsa county.  Oklahoma Senator James Lankford dismisses the potential danger of this indoor event causing new infections because those insignificant new infections will be a “little bit of a bump.” (see Amanda Holpuch article cited below)  Trump, who eschews masks, will lead by example.  I will be curious to learn if any event participant practices social distancing or mask wearing.  With that in mind, Trump anoints his followers in blood (there is a recent line of medical inquiry into COVID-19 being a blood vessel disease; see citation below).  This rally and all subsequent campaign events are intended to signal that the country has returned to normal.  Thus, his attendees sacrifice themselves to his campaign so that he can claim that he has beaten the virus through the work of his administration.

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10 Jun




The Bunker Mystery

8 Jun

As I was throwing away a used pastry box I thought about the absolute waste involved.  What hit me then was to take this waste and make something of it!  Thus, The Bunker Mystery.


As we know, one Donald Trump did visit a bunker on Friday, May 29th in the underground depths of the White House.  His wife, Melania, and son, Barron, accompanied him, along with an assortment of Secret Service guards.  Why go to a bunker, a space reserved for shelter from the outside world?  Surely protestors gathering outside the White House calling for racial justice after the murder of George Floyd, a black man, by Derek Chauvin, a white police officer in Minneapolis, while handcuffed and laying under the knee of said officer for nine minutes, on May 25th, would not have caused alarm for the pr*sident’s safety?  On Wednesday, June 3rd, Trump said during a Fox News Radio interview that he was down there “much more for an inspection.”

Could the media have gotten it wrong?  What would explain Trump visiting a bunker?


One would logically think that Trump and family spied away to the bunker out of fear from the angry world outside their window.  Surely Trump would not pee on his throne?  These were the very same rooms Vice President Dick Cheney sought during the 9/11 attacks.  Certainly, though, the outside world was very much on Trump’s mind as he tweeted that those outside protestors would face “vicious dogs” and “ominous weapons.”


Trump said during that radio interview with Brian Kilmeade that he had already been there “two and a half times.”  I assume that the half-time visit must of been his first visit when he just peeked inside from the doorway, thus exposing half of his body to the bunker.  Elsewhere he has been quoted as saying, “I’ve gone down two or three times, all for an inspection,” getting a sense of space.  That deep aha! moment arrived.  Of course, Melania was with him that Friday.  And he has also claimed that he was there earlier in the day, not during a period of outside protests.  Well, then, he must have taken Melania and Barron there to elicit decorating ideas!

Is Melania the go-to for decorative decisions?  Apparently, yes, at least with son Barron.  According to elite daily Melania decorated Barron’s room in the White House.  White House Historical Association president Stewart McLaurin praised the First Lady for bringing very faded decor in other rooms to its very best.  But, how could this decorative panache be the point for making a very short visit to the Bunker?


Could there have been a better reason?  That was revealed on Monday, June 1st.  From the Rose Garden at the White House, Trump made a prophetic speech.  Citing nationwide protests as “drowned out” by “professional anarchists, violent mobs, or, arsonists, looters, criminals, rider rioters, Antifa and others,” Trump was clearly setting his sights.  He charged that he would deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers to “dominate the streets.”  We did not have to wait long to see that he was serious.  As he walked from the Rose Garden to the Episcopal St. John’s Church across from Lafayette Square, Attorney General William Barr had ordered riot police and others to sweep peaceful protestors out of the way, using teargas, rubber bullets, and pepper spray.  There it was!  He visited the bunker to find absolute quiet and calm in order to pen his response to civil disorder.  And that required utmost concentration.

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I am a little late: According to a press conference with Kayleigh McEnany, Trump ordered the clearance of protestors and William Barr executed those orders even though he does not legally have the authority to charge the Secret Service to attack peaceful protestors. See, Hunter, “White House confirms Trump gave order resulting in assault on St. John’s Church, Daily Kos, June 3, 2020;



North Beach

7 Jun


The Assault

4 Jun


We have watched much that I cherish attacked during the Trump administration.  Everything that represents life and nurture: protection of the environment, programs designed to sustain the neediest, expanded healthcare, refuge for the immigrant, racial justice, respect for our LGBTQA+ family.  If it wasn’t under attack from the White House, it was under attack by Republican control of the House and Senate, or the courts stacked by Mitch McConnell.

But Lafayette Square made clear the direction this administration intends to take.  The reactive stage, the wiping out of inclusion and dignity, has now entered the proactive stage, the elimination of voice and power.  I was playing with characters a few months ago thinking about members of Trump’s cabinet.  Stephen Miller epitomized the excesses of its dark agenda by creating the architecture for the dehumanization and torture of immigrants in concentration camps.


Stephen Miller

As long as these attacks were directed at specific targets, such as immigrants, we could only speculate about a web the administration might be creating, a web expanding beyond the few to include the many.  That arrived on Monday.

Attorney General William Barr ordered peaceful protesters dispersed so that Trump could walk to a nearby Episcopalian church for a photo-op.  White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany lied to the public today insisting that law enforcement was only defending itself from violent protestors.  I have watched videos, looked at photographs, and read first-hand accounts: this was an aggressive, brutal assault against peaceful demonstrators by law enforcement.  Mayor Muriel E. Bowser of Washington was not apprised beforehand.  The Virginia suburb of Arlington County has withdrawn its forces from the White House and other federal sites because of this attack.

Barr, though, is setting the next stage.  Yesterday militarized individuals entered the scene without law enforcement insignia identifying their agency.  When questioned by journalist Dan Friedman a few individuals would only say that they were placed there by Department of Justice.  We will lose our power in Barr’s staging because those who attack us with batons, flash grenades, and chemical spray will not be accountable.

And our voice will disappear when the Republican Party’s plan is realized, already a work in progress: to rig our court system nationwide and muzzle the press.

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The Four Horse Turds of the Mail-in Ballot Apocalypse

3 Jun


They do not want you to vote: Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Ronna McDaniel and Kayleigh McEnany.  They have all publicly spoken against expanded nationwide mail-in balloting.  Conway, in particular, wants you to embrace your enthusiasm for standing in line to vote, like those who stand in line for an hour waiting for a Washington, D.C.-served Georgetown Cupcake, and not be denied, even if the rest of us are concerned about COVID-19 this November.

Republican National Committee Chair McDaniel has gone further and sued the State of California for expanding mail-in balloting to all eligible voters in California, claiming voter fraud.  McEnany, the mouthpiece, is simply reiterating the orange blob’s attacks on mail-in voting.  Her master also rails against the post office, funny enough.  Hmmm.  Is there a connection there?

If we could believe there were a principled position here it would be hard to find.  McEnany has voted by mail 11 times in the past 10 years; McDaniel has voted absentee for years; Conway by mail for the 2018 midterm; the orange in the primary election in March, even though he was present in the county at least two days by which he could have voted in person.

No, they all are determined that you risk disease rather than safely vote by a method your state would choose to safeguard your health.

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The Flame

25 May


The Room for Rage

22 May


Gabby Orr’s May 20th piece for Politico opens with this: “The Trump campaign has an order from the president: Find a way to get him back on the road and into megarallies to re-energize his base.”  The pandemic has brought a temporary end to satisfying his need to “connect with his ultra-loyal fans.”  I was drawn to this focus through Joshua Holland’s May 20th piece for AlterNet examining recent Trump raging.

What I find puzzling is that first line from Orr’s article.  Does his base need re-energization?  Haven’t we seen their recent energy directed with screaming fits at governors continuing shelter-in-place policies?  Hasn’t defying those policies with church gatherings and nail salon traffic exhibited abundant energy?  In fact, hasn’t all of the hysteria been a result of Trump playing his base?  Or, more precisely, special interests in seeing the economy reopen, such as Convention of States, partially funded by the Robert Mercer family foundation with ties to the current Federal administration through individuals such as Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and Ben Carson, secretary of Housing and Urban Development?  As Isaac Stanley-Becker and Tony Romm observe:

“A network of right-leaning individuals and groups, aided by nimble online outfits, has helped incubate the fervor erupting in state capitals across the country. The activism is often organic and the frustration deeply felt, but it is also being amplified, and in some cases coordinated, by longtime conservative activists, whose robust operations were initially set up with help from Republican megadonors.”

The child in the crib is raging.  But whether or not his rage is as organically and deeply frustrating to the child as the strings of his base, his separation from the campaign trail is an ominous sign that his re-election strategies are failing.  For those of us not tied to the Fox News propaganda cord, he was unable to sustain daily COVID-19 briefings because the public began to see that he did not have a handle on the situation.  “It will go away, just stay calm” was a statement Trump made on March 10, 2020, citing the statistic of only 26 deaths compared to “the flu for this year, we’re looking at 8,000 deaths.”  As early as February 10th he began this refrain.  And by April 30th he had repeated it to the press far too many times (see link below for the video compilation by The Washington Post).  By April 30th, the death toll had reached above 60,000 in the United States.  Not quite the match for the flu, then?

This rage is all about re-election.  The rage the child directs toward the United States Postal Service.  His fulminations against Nevada’s sending of ballots ahead of the June 9th primary and Michigan’s mailing of ballot applications to all of its registered voters.  He is consumed by re-election.  Although I doubt that the child understands election mechanics well enough — after all, he voted fraudulently with an absentee ballot from his Mar-a-Lago address for the Florida Republican presidential primary (see Schwardon link below).  The Republican Party, the party of voter suppression, more than compensates for his ignorance with sustained action ergo the railing against mail-in balloting.

But the child perceives the implications of not connecting with his teething ring base.  With the current number of COVID-19 cases and deaths and the attendant astronomical unemployment rate (see Lambert link below), the child’s chances of re-election are grim.  Only the warm smiles and receptive body parts of his fans can energize him now.

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MacArthur Meadow

20 May



Angel Island Looking North

17 May