LaborFest 2021

4 Jul

LaborFest began a month of new programming on labor and culture on July 1st. You can access a calendar of events at

I have photographs and an essay featured in the Art Gallery at their website. The sampling of photographs are from ongoing documentation of the pandemic board art and parklet structures that have appeared during shelter-in-place policies in San Francisco.

Union Square. June 27th.
Valencia corridor. July 12th.

The Religious Tyrant Refuses Democracy But Expects You to Submit to Tyranny

12 May

“That their more lowly path has been allotted to them by the hand of God; that it is their part faithfully to discharge its duties, and contentedly to bear its inconveniences; that the objects about which worldly men conflict so eagerly are not worth the contest; that the peace of mind, which Religion offers indiscriminately to all ranks, affords more true satisfaction than all the expensive pleasures which are beyond the poor man’s reach; that in this view the poor have the advantage; that if their superiors enjoy more abundant comforts, they are also exposed to many temptations from which the inferior classes are happily exempted; that, ‘having food and raiment, they should be therewith content,’ since their situation in life, with all its evils, is better than they have deserved at the hand of God; and finally, that all human distinctions will soon be done away, and the true followers of Christ will all, as children of the same Father, be alike admitted to the possession of the same heavenly inheritance. Such are the blessed effects of Christianity on the temporal well-being of political communities.” – William Wilberforce (1759-1833), quoted in Upton Sinclair, The Profits of Religion (1918), page 88

” ‘God has not changed his mind,’ [born again pastor Hank] Kunneman then said. ‘President Trump won. The nation is now in a place where we are being tested. God is going to fulfill what he has spoken through the prophets,’ he continued. ‘There are some prophets that have backed off, they’re not pressing in. And the prophets that will, the believers that continue to press in are the ones are going to be rewarded in this day. … These that are criticizing the prophets are going to see that they were, in fact, right.’ “

‘Great fear is even in the very bowels of Hell,’ he continued, ‘and those who are cooperating with evil. Why are they afraid? It is because of what I am in the process of doing and what I will do, that I will bring an independence day to this nation. I will deliver it. I will set it free.’ ” – from Cammy Pedroja, “Pastor Hank Kunneman Who Says Donald Trump Won Election Calls Biden’s Presidency ‘Test of Faith’ ,” Newsweek, May 26, 2021;

“ ‘I acknowledge no civil power; I am the subject of no prince; I claim more than this—I claim to be the supreme judge and director of the consciences of men—of the peasant that tills the field, and of the prince that sits upon the throne; of the household of privacy, and the legislator that makes laws for kingdoms; I am the sole, last supreme judge of what is right and wrong.” – Cardinal [Henry Edward] Manning (1808-1892), speaking in the name of the Pope, Sinclair, page 118

Artisan Hotel, Las Vegas. Photo: Marjorie Nureyev.


1 Mar

The New and Improved Holy Trinity

1 Mar

RAmen Here and Now

19 Feb

R is here with you now. It is time to face the reality that as much as Q helped us by embedding in the Deep State his usefulness has ended. Now I know that you are expectant to see Trump retake his throne on March 4th. But, Q promised much and did not deliver.

I am in a much better position to assist you moving forward. I am not embedded in a governmental position. I am a roaming free agent with important contacts all over the world. My intelligence comes from many reliable sources. For instance, let’s consider this very important news below.

This quickly scrawled drawing comes from a reliable source who witnessed a Jewish cabal-operated submarine firing a laser gun at an iceberg, splitting it in two. This is happening on a daily basis without our knowledge. Why, you may ask? So that we see but not understand the result of their craft, such as the current winter devastation to the US. They want to bring you knee deep in water to induce you to believe the hoax called global warming!

That will not happen! We are not lemmings. You see the parachute Trump uses to avoid the pitfalls of the Deep State? We will all have a parachute when that important moment comes. As I write parachute supplies are being amassed in a secret warehouse. R will reveal when the time arrives. Stand back.

So Long

3 Feb

New Trellis in Place

7 Jan

I just placed this trellis in a bed at Hayes Valley Art Works. I was given invaluable aid by Stephen Santamaria, a manager of the garden and a carpenter extraordinaire. I searched for the roots of jasmine at an abandoned community garden at Mission Creek Harbor. The hunt was successful.


Kite Hill

29 Dec

Perry Foellor

3 Dec
All works marker on cardboard.

Over the past winter I would see Perry seated outside a Peet’s Coffee at Montgomery and Bush Streets, sometimes on a carton, sometimes not. His work was spread out at his feet as he worked on his latest drawing.

He was a quiet man who relied on a hand lettered cardboard sign to explain his business. When I first asked him how much he wanted for a drawing he told me whatever I could give him. I gave him twenty dollars for the first drawing and he seemed shocked at the amount being so high.

This last drawing contains the movement of Henri Matisse’s Dance of 1910. Beyond that lyrical structure there are figures here that push and pull. The tension is of a coiled intensity. We are inextricably bound to each other, it asserts.

I could tell when he was doing slightly better because he would have a new supply of markers. I have not seen him since shelter-in-place policies began in early March. I assume his business has dried up.


Near Warming Hut

29 Nov