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This Is What

26 Nov

Black Friday Specials, pen-and-ink on Bristol paper, 9 x 12 in., 2011.

“…From the beginning the occupation movement has been resolutely antihierarchical and participatory.  General assembly decisions are scrupulously democratic and most decisions are taken by consensus — a process which can sometimes be unwieldy,  but which has the merit of making any manipulation practically impossible.  In fact, the real threat is the other way around: The example of participatory democracy ultimately threatens all hierarchies and social divisions…” — Ken Knabb, “The Awakening in America,” Slingshot, Issue #108 (Hella Occupy Extra Edition 2011), page 14.

Oh, the joys of holiday shopping.  The annual prequel to Sunday football.  Shop, and if you survive, relax with a beer in front of this year’s flat screen TV.  Consumers, the living dead.