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14 Mar


Cover of Moment: Un Revue de Photo, Year 5 No. 7 (Spring 2013)

As a consultant, I am pleased to announce the latest edition of Moment.  With a truly international team, including editorial staff in New York, production staff in Cusco, Peru, and, in the case of the current issue, a group of photographers organized by Philippe Barnoud to highlight the city of Paris, this is a gem of a magazine.  There are suprises outside the confines of Paris, too, such as Eric Metcalf’s illustrated article on glass lantern slides from a New York State collection and examples of Surrealist photography from the Ubu Gallery complemented by text from Brooklyn-based writer Chloë Boxer.

I offer copies at $7.00 each with an additional $4.00 shipping (domestic mail; for shipment outside the U.S., please inquire).  Payment can be facilitated through PayPal with payment to the following account: duckdiva@yahoo.com.  For further questions, please contact me at the aforementioned e-mail address or dpduckworth@gmail.com.