Easter Greeting from a Friend

9 Apr

Michael Heyward, New York.

The culture of the hat is apparently still doing well in New York.  It is one of those small details of life that causes me to stop and reminisce about the city.  I have seen monumental constructions adorning the head during the morning Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet Festival along Fifth Avenue.  Halloween in New York is equally festive.  But, perhaps, the most extraordinary event for crowning one’s ensemble was the annual Wigstock, begun in Tompkins Square Park, then relocated several times over the years, before retiring in 2005.  Yesterday we donned hats at Richard and Earl’s.  Richard, a retiree who is now a trader in what I jokingly call “could be Deco” (still, using a fine discriminatory eye for what he finds around the city), invited everyone to choose from a small mountain of hats atop the piano.  I chose the beaded flapper’s hat that I had first seen at Earl and Richard’s shop, Lotta’s Bakery.  Earl, the baker, by the way, provides scrumptious desserts.  Having a slice of blackstrap molasses gingerbread with an herbal tea is a heavenly treat.  1720 Polk Street is the place.

2 Responses to “Easter Greeting from a Friend”

  1. fsrosa April 10, 2012 at 5:17 am #

    Think we should wear hats like this at our reading?

    • dpduckworth April 10, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

      I was thinking an Occupy-themed hat may be appropriate, perhaps constructed the way the three-point newspaper hats used to be made.

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