An Evening of Readings with Author F.S. Rosa

12 Apr

Next Wednesday evening at Red Hill Books I will present with one of my favorite authors, F.S. Rosa.  Join us as we each explore aspects of American labor history and its relevance to today’s social unrest.


reading at


401 Cortland Ave., San Francisco


light refreshments!  6:30 PM ~ FREE


Linking past to present, artist and curator David Duckworth will include readings from his blog on art, culture and politics:, and discuss how the occupation of space during the history of U.S. labor struggles precludes the current Occupy movement’s use of space and shelter, touching on the tent colonies of Southern Colorado during the 1914 mining strikes, including the Ludlow Massacre and the Bonus Army march on Washington of 1932.

F.S. ROSA            

2012 is the hundredth year anniversary of the ‘Bread and Roses’ textile strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Carlo Tresca, the protagonist of F.S. Rosa’s The Divine Comedy of Carlo Tresca, was called in to help after Big Bill Heywood and Italian organizers Ettor and Giovanitti were arrested. ‘Robber Barons’, massive inequities of wealth, large scale immigration and technological change marked the beginning of the 20th Century just as these things do in the 21st.  F.S. Rosa will discuss the Bread and Roses Strike as it relates to Carlo Tresca’s life and times, and will read excerpts from her novel.

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